R00312SQSC G02475NWSC : Dunmaglass Wind Farm

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RO Period Capacity (kW) Load Factor MWh ROCs
2016/2017 (7) 94,050 17.7% * 84,588 76,130
2017/2018 94,050 33.0% 272,110 244,901
Annual Totals to end May-18 274,922210,955
Rolling Load Factor29.7 %
Annual Load Factor to end May-1833.4 %


1. RO period is the 12 months from 1 April to 31 March
2. Capacity is the total installed generating capacity in kW
3. Load Factor is calcuated for the 12 months of the RO period.
4. An asterisk (*) denotes fewer than 12 months of data is available in a given period; the actual number of months of data is in brackets in the first column.
5. The number of ROCs per MWh depends on whether the generator is subsidised under the RO and, from April 2009, the band into which the generator and technology falls.