Renewable Energy Foundation

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The Renewable Energy Foundation is a registered charity promoting sustainable development for the benefit of the public by means of energy conservation and the use of renewable energy.

REF is supported by private donation and has no political affiliation or corporate membership. In pursuit of its principal goals REF highlights the need for an overall energy policy that is balanced, ecologically sensitive, and effective.

We aim to raise public awareness of the issues and encourage informed debate regarding a structured energy policy that is both ecologically sensitive and practical. The issues of climate change and security of energy supply are complex and closely intertwined. REF contributes to the debate surrounding these issues by commissioning reports to provide an independent and authoritative source of information.

REF publishes several searchable online databases relating to the installation and performance of renewables in the United Kingdom, as well as a user configurable web application to view the half-hourly electricity fuel mix on the Great Britain electricity network since 2009.

These online databases are free and offer the user many analytical options. However, users may find that they wish to address specific detailed questions, and for such users the Foundation is pleased to offer a bespoke query service through its consultancy arm, Renewable Energy Forum. Potential clients should note that both Renewable Energy Foundation and Forum have large unpublished databases with information on renewable and non renewable energy generation, and planning applications and appeals, and is a licensed user of the Elexon electricity market database. Users interested in commissioning bespoke data analysis should contact REF's administrator: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .