Renewable Energy Foundation

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Energy Data

As part of its ongoing commitment to transparency in the electricity markets, REF currently publishes the following sets of data relating to renewable energy generation. Click on the relevant image to access the different datasets. For help on any of the datasets, refer to the Notes listed on the left hand panel of this page.

20 December, 2023: The full update of all the following datasets has been supported by a generous legacy from the estate of the late Mr Simon Pearson for the promotion of research into renewable energy solutions.

Bespoke data service: The Renewable Energy Foundation is pleased to offer a bespoke data query service of its extensive largely-unpublished databases through its consultancy arm, Renewable Energy Forum. Potential clients should note that both Renewable Energy Foundation and Forum have large databases with information on renewable and non renewable energy generation, and planning applications and appeals, and is a licensed user of the Elexon electricity market database. Users interested in commissioning bespoke data analysis should contact REF's administrator: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .