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UK Renewable Energy Data Files: 8th Issue

In December 2006 The Renewable Energy Foundation published the first issue of its Renewable Energy Data files (the RED Files). We are today publishing the 8th issue, which supersedes all previous versions, and adds recent generation data bringing the dataset up to September 2008.


The five data files are accompanied by sector overview files, one for each technology area, first published with the third issue of the RED files and giving an overview for 2006 and for the year ending 2007.

Together, these 15 documents provide the broadest available description of the performance of the renewable electricity sector in the United Kingdom, covering all generators registered under the Renewables Obligation, comprising some 900 stations. We believe that the provision of hard empirical data is essential in order to accelerate the sensible and responsible development and growth of the renewable energy sector, a matter of particular importance now that the United Kingdom's own stretching targets for electricity will be inflected by the still more dramatically ambitious European Union target for a 20% renewable share of final energy consumption.

The Renewable Energy Foundation is a registered charity funding research into renewable and alternative energy technologies and policy. We have no political affiliation and no corporate membership. 
None of our work could take place if it were not for generous private donations. We wish to take this opportunity of thanking all our donors for their continuing support, and in particular Mr Vincent Tchenguiz, who has specifically funded the Renewable Energy Data project.

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Last Updated on Saturday, 17 July 2010