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REF comment on Poyry Study for Greenpeace WWF

In response to requests, the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) has today issued an information note  regarding the Poyry Study for Greenpeace and WWF

UK Electricity System at Severe Risk 2010 to 2020

The following note was written for private distribution and discussion on the 19th of August 2008. We are aware that it is now in the public domain, though without attribution to Renewable Energy Foundation. In view of this we are now publishing the note, unrevised, as a contribution to public information on this all important topic.

REF response to Renewable Energy Strategy Consultation

In this text Renewable Energy Foundation responds to the Consultation by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform on the EU 2020 draft Directive target for renewable energy.

REF on the Renewables Obligation

REF is often asked for a straightforward account of the Renewables Obligation. This document, co-authored by John Constable of REF and Mr Robert Barfoot, Chairman of North Devon Campaign to Protect Rural England, gives a simple account with many references to further information.

A Global Approach to the Energy Challenge

In this article for the Doosan Babcock journal Energy Brief, REF's Chief Executive, Campbell Dunford, draws on his experience as an energy banker to assess the likelihood an internationally co-ordinated and equitable approach to the provision of energy.

Is the Future of UK Electricity Dark, Dirty and Costly?

Despite much talk about a new nuclear renaissance in the UK, the prospects of a new nuclear station being commissioned before 2020 look slim. Some believe that, between 2010 and 2020, there is likely to be extended tightness of plant margin caused by lack of generating capacity and, or, tightness in the supply of gas.

Electricity Prices: Fundamental Drivers and Probable Trends

The next decade is likely to be a period of intensifying difficulties in the UK electricity generation sector, with very tight capacity margins, and extreme dependence on imported gas, supplies of which will be constrained and prices high.

REF response to the Renewables Obligation Consultation 2007

REF response to the Renewables Obligation Consultation 2007

Dr Perry, Report on Indian Biofuel Conferences 2007

Dr Perry, Report on Indian Biofuel Conferences 2007

Campbell Dunford, The Hothouse Effect

Campbell Dunford, The Hothouse Effect

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