Grouped totals for Renewable Generation: 2002 to date

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Technology Sub-group
MWROCs (000s)GWh
plus On-shore wind12,772165,226175,769
plus Off-shore wind7,781188,497110,279
plus Dedicated biomass4,94396,98985,127
plus Landfill Gas1,14168,49269,353
plus Hydro2,49634,45267,293
plus Photovoltaic12,24829,49143,742
plus Biomass co-firing87523,76729,180
plus Waste95259122,391
plus Anaerobic Digestion6347,4169,796
plus Sewage Gas2658,6809,184
plus Unknown Biomass2191265
plus Advanced Gasification36315172
plus Standard Gasification30238134
plus Tidal Stream146521
plus Wave Power211
plus Enhanced Wave200


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  3. The data above gives the installed capacity in MW and electricity generated in GWh for UK renewable generators from 2002 to date. The data is sourced variously from Renewables Obligation Certificates, Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin and in the case of some municipal waste generation, from Climate Change Levy Exemption Certificates. Output from small generators that are supported under the Feed-in-Tariff and that do not claim REGOs is estimated from the installed capacity provided in the FiT register.
  4. The data for the latest calendar year is incomplete and subject to change. The RO data year runs from April to March and is also subject to change up until the following 1 November which is the legislative deadline for the calculation and distribution of the buy-out fund.